The Norwichterrier is a small breed but not a miniature and the perky, sturdy and happy-go-lucky attitude is important for us!

We encourage our puppy buyers to be active with their dog and we always point out how adaptable these little terriers are as long as they can come along to whatever activity.

Sociable and teaming up with their owners to the point of being  personal stalkers - will stay with you in bed if you are ill or be ready to jog in the forest  with you (after proper training of course) on a rainy day.

In the basket , on the boat deck, in the tent , hotelroom , at the beach, at the kids party , on the golf course , in the clubhouse , in the bag on the airplane - as long as they can come along !


Energetic and friendly , balanced and lpositive and their social ways truly embraces all creatures great and small , 

The "terrier" stubborness is far from dominating , many of our breeding are easily trained and quite good at agility, rally obedience and nosework.


Basically a healthy breed, that has (according to insurance companies statistics)  a below medium risk of having many common diseases like allergy, jointproblems and neoplasia. 20-30 years ago there were quite a few cases of epileptical seizure and hind leg cramps ago but it seem to have become a lesser problem with the help of breeders taken responsibility not to use affected dogs or repeat mating combinations were it has occured.

There is a syndrome called NTUAS (Norwich Terrier Upper Airway Syndrome) with narrowing of the larynx and some pharyngeal changes can lead to increased breathing sounds , exercise intolerance and difficulty breathing. Most dogs affected have no clinical problems but there are exceptions that have severe problems that can lead to considerable suffering. Due to this there are researchers in Bern, Switzerland  and several other places that in other countries  examine potential breeding males and females to evaluate their throats.

The Norwich Terrier Club of Sweden is  informing and adressing this problem and has set a goal to try to eradicate clinical cases in the future. There is a project planned to start offering Swedish breeders laryngoscoping in Sweden to send for scoring to the vet faculty in Bern.